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Love My Credit Union Rewards

More money in your pocket, thanks to Northern United Federal Credit Union and Love My Credit Union® Rewards.

Saving on the products and services you need and use every day is easy with Love My Credit Union Rewards. As a member of Northern United Federal Credit Union, you can get discounts and rewards that include:

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Credit Reports

Many of the credit bureaus have started to offer free copies of your credit report. That's great, but do you really understand what the numbers on that report really means?

Northern United Federal Credit Union not only wants you to understand your credit, but we can help you improve it! We are offering FREE score enhancement to all of our members and potential members.

Set up an appointment - either in person or over the phone by calling 906.786.0888, it's as easy as that! Our capable loan officers
will go through your report, item by item, line by line, to make sure you know what action you should take to improve your credit, and how to improve your score.

Knowing your credit history and credit score is important, but knowing how to improve your score and get your credit back on track is even better.

We can help you go beyond the numbers.

Credit Bureau Contact Information:

  • Equifax: 800.525.6285
  • Experian: 800.397.3742
  • TransUnion: 800.680.7289

Visa Gift Card

Get your gift giving needs with a prepaid card. It's like a gift certificate that can be used virtually anywhere VISA Debit cards are accepted.

Gift card benefits -

  • Accepted anywhere Visa Debit cards are welcomed.
  • Safer than cash - if it is lost or stolen, unused portion can be replaced.
  • Can be used 24 hours after card has been sold and activated.

Other In-Branch Services

At Northern United Federal Credit Union we provide you with free Notary Service, the ability to wire funds and are pleased to accept direct deposit. We request that you contact one of our service representatives for proper wiring format.

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